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Stay protected from spam and scams - Truecaller’s Caller ID will identify and block robocallers, fraudsters, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The advanced spam detector will automatically block and protect you from fraudulent calls and SMS, and the phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real time by millions of users worldwide.
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January 28, 2022
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What is Truecaller Premium Mod Apk?

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk serves as a contact manager, too. You can add your friends’ details, family members’ numbers, business contacts, etc., and use them to make calls or send messages directly from the app itself.

The app also connects you with other Truecaller Premium Mod Apk users in your contact list or with whom you have exchanged messages regularly, so they become part of your trusted circle.

There are various versions of the app available for download based on the device’s operating system (OS). So if you want to download Truecaller Premium Mod Apk for iPhone running iOS 10, you can type TrueCaller iPhone 10 download in your browser window and click on the ‘Download’ button next to it. On the other hand, if you want to download it for Android Marshmallow, you can type ‘TrueCaller Marshmallow download.

The Truecaller Premium Mod Apk app is available for free on Android and iOS. It has over 100 million users worldwide and is used by people in over 200 countries and territories. There are over 50 million users in India alone, and the number is growing fast.

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk

Features of Truecaller Premium Mod Apk:

This application is available for Android and iOS users in their respective marketplaces. You can use Truecaller Premium Mod Apk without any subscription fee, but the premium version has extra features too good to miss. So you can also download Truecaller Premium mod apk from here if you don’t want to spend money on this app.

  • No Root Required.
  • You can hide your number when you call someone using Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  • Hide your profile from search results and block spammers when searching for a contact using Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  • Check who viewed your profile on Linkedin using Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  • Check who viewed your youtube channel using Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  • Check who viewed the video you posted using Truecaller Premium Mod Apk.
  •  You will be able to check all details about blocked calls such as [Date & Time] [Call Duration] [Call Type] [Block]

How to install of Truecaller premium mod apk:

Yes, the Truecaller Premium version is available, and you can download it from our site without any difficulty. However, be careful while downloading the APK file because many other sites provide fake or malware APK files.

True messenger premium apk is a new addition to the Truecaller Premium Mod Apk app family. The Truemessenger premium app can send complimentary text messages and make free calls. This app is also known as Truemessenger pro apk, which has the same features as paid one but with some limitations. That’s why we added this app to the Truecaller mod app list, which you can use for free.

Truecaller is a fantastic app that helps you identify unknown numbers. However, there are certain features within the app that you can only access via purchasing the premium version of Truecaller Premium Mod Apk. The premium version has many features such as Blocklisting and Allowlisting of numbers, custom caller ID, custom SMS alert, and much more. But if you wish to have all these features on your device, we have a solution for you.

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk will help you get all these features for free. If you are using any other modded apk from any other website, then it might cause harm to your device, so be very careful while using those apps.

Conclusion of Truecaller Premium Mod Apk:

If you want to take advantage of the service, you can download the Truecaller Premium mod apk right away. It’s straightforward to install and set up, so you can start making your contacts list smarter in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

TrueCaller’s interface is about as simple as it gets for an app of this type. It finds all of your contacts and then lets you sort through them in whatever way makes the most sense. You can see a list with contact names or photos, or you can sort by groups like family members or people who live near you. If you aren’t sure where someone lives, TrueCaller automatically pulls that information from Facebook to update the data.

Once TrueCaller sorts your contacts by category, it’s easy to add any new people who need to be tracked down. The app will ask you if it should add new connections based on location or phone number, but it also gives you the option of choosing manually. Once they’re added, they’ll show up on your main page along with everyone else.

TrueCaller has some other valuable features that we haven’t touched on yet. For example, it lets you block numbers with just one tap.

Truecaller Premium Mod Apk (1)

FAQs of Truecaller Premium Mod Apk:

How to install the Truecaller mod apk?

Download the apk file of Truecaller and install it usually.

How to log in with my premium account on Truecaller after installation is done?

open the app, click on the profile icon in the top left corner, click on the “Premium” button, and enter the account details you used for a premium registration.

What are the advantages of using the Truecaller premium version?

Three months ad-free, search for any mobile number in any country, No ads, Private Number Search and Private Contacts Search.

Is there any method to avoid SMS confirmation?

Yes, make sure you have added a valid US or UK number as your secondary number while signing up, or use a VPN service while registering a new account with an invalid US or UK phone number to avoid SMS confirmation from Truecaller.

I cannot log in with my primary registered account after installing this modded apk; what should I do?

Don’t worry about it; just uninstall the official app from your device and install this modded apk again, then you will be able to login with your primary account


What's new

We keep updating our App to make it better.
This version brings:
- Want to know how much time you saved from not talking to spammers this year? Check out your year on Truecaller!
- Video Caller ID - Our biggest ever update to Caller ID!
Delight your friends and family on Truecaller with a short selfie video when you call them next. Setup your Video Caller ID & your friends on Truecaller will see that video on call.
- Call Recording is back, and better than ever. And now it’s available for free.


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