Supertype Mod Apk is a brand new typing game focused on teaching you the right way to type. The free version of the app comes with three different modes, focusing on teaching you something different.
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September 8, 2021
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What is Supertype Mod Apk?

Supertype Mod Apk is a brand new typing game focused on teaching you the right way to type. The free version of the app comes with three different modes, focusing on teaching you something different.

The first mode is called Basic, and it’s designed to teach you the basics of typing. You’ll practice your finger placement and motion in this mode while typing common words and phrases. The second mode is called Advanced, and it’s designed to help you improve your speed and accuracy by typing longer passages at higher rates.

Once you’ve mastered both of these modes, there’s a third mode called Master that can help you get even better at typing. This mode includes timed challenges where you have to type for a certain amount of time without making mistakes to earn high scores and compete with other users worldwide.

Supertype Mod Apk is a mobile typing game that helps you improve your typing speed. With Supertype Mod Apk, you can learn to type faster, more accurately and without looking at the keyboard.

Supertype Mod Apk is a fast-paced, tactile keyboarding game designed to help you learn to type and develop your skills in a fun way. You don’t need to be a typist or type to play Supertype Mod Apk, but it will help you hone your skills and get faster at typing.

Supertype Mod Apk

Supertype Mod Apk is a game that’s all about enjoyably learning to type. So watch out, and don’t fall off the platform.

Fancy typing on your keyboard and being able to do it super fast? Then you’re definitely in the right place. Supertype is a game that’s all about enjoyably learning to type while you play a simple yet entertaining arcade game.

Supertype Mod Apk is a great way to learn to type faster and more efficiently by using both hands instead of just one. You’ll be able to learn how to use both hands simultaneously and how to reach for the keys with your fingers, which will help you increase your typing speed tenfold.

In this game, you’ll need to use all your skill and talent to keep from falling off the platform where you’re standing. Every time you hit the correct letter, some words will appear at the top of the screen, telling you what key or key combination to press next. It may sound easy at first, but with each level, the difficulty increases and speed raise so much that your reflexes will have difficulty keeping up if you don’t pay attention.

Features of Supertype Mod Apk:

1. Easy To Use Supertype Mod Apk has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for even beginners to use it.

2. Works With Multiple Devices The app can work with your keyboard, mouse, and other input devices simultaneously.

3. Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit and 64-bit) SuperType Mod Apk supports all versions of Microsoft Windows OS from XP to 10.

4. Full Version Features Of SuperType Mod Apk:

5. Unlimited Typing Speed will be available for free in the full version of SuperType Mod Apk!

6. No Ads! The full version of the app will have no ads!

How To Install Supertype Mod Apk?

Below are the steps you need to follow to install Supertype Mod Apk:

1. Download the app from the download link provided below.

2. Allow Unknown Sources permission on your Android device if not allowed already.

3. Now open the downloaded apk file and tap on Install to start the installation process.

4. Wait for a few seconds until the installation process is completed successfully, and then click Open to launch the Supertype app.

The Conclusion of Supertype Mod Apk:

You will throw letters and numbers to form words and mathematical expressions in the game. Each letter represents a certain number of points, so when you can make a word or expression with a high value, you will get more points. In addition, the game has an intelligent hint system that helps players find high-value words and phrases.

The gameplay is simple but challenging to master because it requires players to have good skills in mathematics and vocabulary. In addition, players must be careful in choosing words or expressions to maximize the score for each round.

Supertype Mod Apk has simple 2D graphics, giving players a retro feeling through the 8-bit interface. The letters and numbers are designed with great detail, making them straightforward for players to see. You do not need to worry about pixelation on small screens because the game supports scaling up the interface.

It’s easy to recognize standard fonts in Supertype Mod Apk, but they often look new and strange depending on how they are used. In addition, the game’s background music also has a unique retro style, which is suitable for relaxing after stressful working hours.

Supertype Mod Apk is one of the best learning tools I have come across. I have tried many other typing games, and none of them are as fun and challenging as Supertype Mod Apk. The game is also straightforward to play. It takes just a few minutes to get used to the game mechanics, and you will be hooked on it for days.

The controls are straightforward, and there are no complicated levels to play through. You need to move your arrow keys on the screen to type the words. There is also a text box to enter the comment you want to order.

Supertype Mod Apk


FAQs of Supertype Mod Apk:

There are some Important FAQs for You;

Q1: Is this app safe?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use on your Android device as we have tested it personally on various instruments, and it works fine without any issues.

Q2: Do I need root access to install this game?

Answer: No, you don’t need to root your Android device to install this game.

Q3: Is Supertype Mod Apk free?

Answer: Yes, you can download it for free.



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