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Video buddy mod apk is a great application that allows you to have a fantastic time viewing all your favorite videos on your android device.
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April 2, 2018
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What is the video Buddy mod apk?

Video buddy mod apk is a great application that allows you to have a fantastic time viewing all your favorite videos on your android device. Many people can’t view specific videos, especially those on YouTube, when they are not at home. The good news is that you can use this YouTube downloader to watch any of your favorite videos and even download the tape so that you can view it even when you are offline.


Video buddy mod apk is excellent for Android devices, and with it, you will be able to enjoy movies and TV shows without any issues. It is a very easy-to-use application, and with this, you will be able to make the most of it.

In addition to this, with the help of this application, you will be able to download videos from different sites without any issues, including the popular YouTube site. With this application, you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere and even offline!

Video Buddy Mod Apk

Features of Video Buddy mod apk:

  • Combine multiple videos and photos into one awesome video!
  • Add your custom music (mp3) and sound effects!
  • Over 100 Backgrounds to choose from!
  • Over 50 Stickers & Emoticons! Apply them to people’s faces during playback!
  • Over 30 Overlays & Filters! Turn your video into an art piece using these cool overlays & filters! Add text as well using our text tool
  • Add a photo or video clip as a background picture for the end credits.

How to install of Video Buddy mod apk:

Good question to begin with. It’s straightforward, and you need to follow the steps. Download the apk file and install it. Follow the instructions, and you will be having fun in no time.


  1. Download the apk file from one of the sites below;
  2. After you download the apk file, open it using a file manager or extract it using an app like X-plore or Astro;
  3. Install the apk file;
  4. Go to and search for “video buddy”;
  5. Install it;
  6. Run it and enjoy!

This is a complete guide on how to install the Video Buddy mod apk. We have discussed every possible way to do so. But before we start, let’s discuss the app in detail.


Video buddy is a peer-to-peer video chat application that helps you make free video and voice calls to anyone from around the world. All you need is your friend’s nickname, and you can get in touch with them for free.

You can use this app for free video and voice calls to other app users. This means you do not pay to call your friends using your mobile data or WiFi connection (if available). Calling using WiFi is always recommended as it saves on your Mobile data usage and comes with better call quality.

Video buddy also allows you to make video calls to non-users of Video Buddy. If they have an internet connection, they will receive a notification prompting them to download the app and accept your call. They can then use their camera or microphone to answer the call and start talking with you!

Conclusion of Video Buddy mod apk:

The Video Buddy mod apk concludes that it can be a perfect Android app for streaming and recording videos. The developers have shown us that they can create quality apps in the past, so we’re hoping that they’ll continue to improve on this one.

The conclusion is that the Video Buddy mod apk is a good app for making video calls. It has some bugs, but it’s free, and you can use it as long as you want if you have a decent internet connection.

Video Buddy mod apk is not an app that makes it possible for users to make adjustments and add features. It merely allows the user to download and use the software with ease.

There are many reasons why you should download this application on your device. For instance, it is also compatible with other devices such as android tablets, making it an ideal app to have on your device.

Video Buddy mod apk is a video editing app that allows you to do basic editing on your Android device. The app was first launched as a paid app, but it was made available for free.

Video Buddy Mod Apk

FAQs of Video Buddy mod apk:

Q1: What is Video Buddy?

A: Video Buddy is a free video editing app that lets you create awesome short videos from your photos and music. There are endless possibilities to create unique videos with 70+ filters and hundreds of overlays, stickers, and music tracks.

Video Buddy also allows you to add text to your videos so you can share them on Instagram stories or Facebook or even send them in a message.

Q2: What’s the difference between the Free and Pro version?

A: Video Buddy Free version supports only four video filters, four video overlays, video effects, five soundtracks.

Video buddy pro version supports all the features in free version + no ads & 50 more filters, 50 more overlays, and soundtracks.

Q3:How do I save my edited videos?

A: You can save your edited videos directly from the “My Videos” Page at any time and share them with your friends via Facebook, Instagram stories, or other social platforms or save it in the gallery for later use.

Q4:Can I change the order of my cuts?

A: Yes! You can re-arrange cuts by dragging them up and down as you like. Just choose a video/photo


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